Monday, August 16, 2004


Zsolty, Anita, and I made lecso tonight at their apartment. Zsolty first told me about it on Friday when I was having lunch with him downstairs at the Indian tandoori place. He described it to me thus: tomatoes, onions, paprikas (by this he means the actual peppers, not the red powder), then at the end you add a couple eggs and stir them in. I thought the egg sounded a little weird, but so far so good. But then he told me that he didn't think I would like it.

Why wouldn't I like it, Zsolty?

Because it's not-- attractive.

But I loved it- unattractiveness nonwithstanding. Zsolty and Anita had tomatoes and paprikas from their parents' gardens. Zsolty's parents' tomatoes were huge- tomatoes on steroids. Tomatoes to feed whole gypsy families. I took a picture of Z holding one of these, and I will scan and post it when I get it developed. I had the job of cutting them, and they were bright red tomato meat through and through, and they were incredibly packed with bright red tomato flavor. Apparently, you simply can't get tomatoes like this out of season in Hungary-- the ones in February for example are grown in greenhouses, and so not as good.

I asked Z and A a "hypothetical" question. I said, "Suppose there's an American girl who wants to stay and work in Budapest. Let's just call her 'Audra.' Is this possible even though she's not an EU citizen?" They seemed to think that it was possible, and not inordinately difficult. I just can't see myself living in America again right now. It doesn't even feel like a discernment between like and dislike; it feels more like the difference between right and wrong for me. I don't know if I can leave here when the time comes. I am beginning to understand words, Hungarian words, and these words are beginning to sound like home.


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irma Vep,

After reading your descriptions of sick Spanish animal cruelty, I wonder if you are a human being, at least one in modern terms. If not, go back to the middle ages and enjoy those evil, sick Spanish fucks and their inquisitions where they tortured jews and protestants, because this is exactly what they are doing now (with your help) only now instead of torturing and prosecuting humans under the name of the catholic religion, they are doing the same to bulls and other livestock as in one situation here you describe in your lofty travel journals as "toro embolado."

Not to mention - but I will - that during the previous centuries give or take a two, Spain and Portugal were the first to initiate the Altantic slave trade -by at least a century before Northern Europe did same, and they (Spanish and Portuguese) enslaved, stole from and pilliaged, kidnapped, raped and butchered the native Americans of Mexico and central/south america, not to mention the Caribbean too,and for what - namely GOLD! Certainly not for any humanitarian issues.

So . . . do you have any compliments to issue to Spanish or Portuguese nationals at the present time? Inquiring minds want to know and, if so - why on earth would you want to do so?

Toro embolado is one of the most sickening descriptions of animal cruelty I've ever heard about. Irma, why on earth did you attend one of these disgusting displays - albeight unitentially at least the first time - yet, you refuse to file a complaint of cruelty as any "MORAL" human would do. Why! Why! Why!!!


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