Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hol Van a Punks?

I knew something was missing from this city that otherwise nourishes me in every way imaginable (though I could do with a bagel from time to time): no punks. I've seen lots of Budapest hipsters, artistic student-types, but I haven't seen any punks. Or maybe they are out there, but I'm not punk rock enough to find them? Is this possible? I'm afraid it is. Punk-rockedness is always something I've had to work at, in stark contrast to my friend Ellen who came into this world wearing black and instinctively measuring time in cigarettes. oh Ellen, that you were here to sniff out some nice punky boys for me to play with.

I know you must be out there punk boys. Where are you? The eighth district? The astral plane? Come to Audra. Come whisper sweet-nihilistic-nothings in my ear. Your blue mohawks will find a soft, if unpierced, bosom on which to lie.

If anyone has any leads, please advise.


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