Thursday, September 02, 2004

post-toro post

New art supplies make a gal giddy! I just got back from the art store on Nagymezo utca. They have supplies I've never seen before. Gorgeous sketchbooks from France, and I got a set of beautiful rich pencils that are made in Holland. Giddy as a school girl. I hope I justify their expense by putting them to good use.

I am still thinking about toro. I know that the embolado is cruel. I know it's wrong to set fire to an animal's horns (which from what I've read do have sensation, much like teeth), and to make him the centerpiece of such course amusement. The sound of toro's moaning is still with me as well. This is a cry of pain, and cries of pain should be answered by aid, no matter if the voice emanates from a human or an animal.

But I am in no hurry to issue pronouncements on the morality of the Spanish involved in these fiestas. I know practically nothing about Spain. I have the observations of a person who went on holiday and little else. I have no understanding of why the Spanish have these sorts of fiestas or what the bull means to them. I tried to find out about their history, but no one seemed to know. Do they respect the toro, or is he just something to overcome? I suspect that they view him more as a commodity, as the bulls are apparently bred and manipulated to be aggressive so that they put on a good show. But are there Spanish who see toro as a brother, the way that some Native Americans regard(ed) animals?

I took my roll of film from Spain to get developed today, and I will pick up the pictures tommorrow. There should be a couple good pictures of the toro, so I will scan them in and post them.

There's a Jewish festival going on right now, and I'm leaving soon to attend a klezmer concert at the Central Synagogue on Dohany utca. It is grandiose, the second largest synagogue in the world, seating 3,000 people. I've only been inside before on a museum visit, but I much prefer to experience a great building via a performance of some type.


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