Wednesday, January 19, 2005

3 Honvéd Utca

Old buildings are the focus of my profession, and yet I don't seem to talk about them much here. That's an egregious omission, because Budapest is overflowing with distinctive and beautiful historic buildings. One of my favorite buildings is this: 3 Honvéd Utca, just a few minutes walk south of my flat and just north of the stone Soviet obelisk that the Hungarians keep around for whatever reason.

My older Hungarian friend A.H. starting ringing buzzers one day until he got hold of a resident of this building who very kindly came downstairs and gave us a tour of its interior. I'm sorry now that I did not use that opportunity to snap some photos inside, as there are Art Nouveau stained glass and wooden wonders within this building such as out of a dream. At least the stuff my dreams are made of, anyway.

On a side note: sometimes I may jest about how dyspeptic the Hungarians are. They are lacking in a Mediterranean brand of joviality, at least. But it's not fair, nor is it accurate, to say that as a people they are cold or unkind. If some stranger rang my flat's buzzer, I don't know if I would come down in the cold to show them around the inside of my building. I might be inclined to tell them to go jump in the frozen Danube. I wish to thank the greying lady at 3 Honvéd Utca who was so gracious to us.

Below are photos of the buildings remarkable wrought iron doors. They are works of art. I stop and smell them when I pass by.


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