Friday, February 04, 2005

London Mini-Break

Booked a flight to London last night on Easy Jet! (Does the name "Easy Jet" make anyone else giggle?) I'm going to be in Notting Hill in two weeks with my lovely lovely girflfriends Shani and Kate. Shani's birthday is on the 17th, and we're going to celebrate with elderflower martinis at the Lonsdale,...yummy yum.

I asked Shani last night if she was going to let me sleep when I was visiting. She said that I had a whole two weeks to sleep, and that I should start taking vitamins. She is a lovely darling, that Shani, but I do not where she gets her energy. She'll be dancing about at 3am cocktail in hand, then next morning at 6 am ready for yoga.

Told her about my squished heart. She says that he's gay.

A: "Shani, just because he doesn't fancy me doesn't mean that he's gay."

S: "No, I'm serious. He's gay."

There was no convincing her.

I am so excited. I could use a mini-break with girlfriends. But now I must be feverishly productive over the next two weeks so I can feel like I've earned my cocktails. And this means rigorous Hungarian language study every day. And no more sleeping until 11, 12 o' clock. And only ale bread to eat.

Starting tommorrow.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger svm said...

Hmm, I think ValuJet was even better--remember the cutesy smiley airplane logo?--and then after the swamp crash, it was a shrewd move to change their name to AirTran. Ah, to be in Europe and flit between the countries... my jealousy rages!

I sympathize with you about the sleep issue but predict you will be sleeping late for the week AFTER you return. Laura B flew in from Seattle for a quick visit and we convinced Anna und Martin (who may just have a bun in the oven--will keep you posted) to come down for an evening reunion mid-week. Beck, Dud, & Kit joined us and we met at Laura's childhood friend Katy's house who is now teaching p/t English at ASC! Anyway, we had a great time but at 10.30 p.m. after gorging on fantastic Mexican food at Billy Goat's Cantina and downing a few too many of their wonderfully potent margaritas to overpower the intensity of the chipotles, my eyes were rolling back in my head. So I left at the same time as A und M who had a good hour's drive back to Cumming. Of course, once home I couldn't seem to get to sleep and had insomnia off & on all night. This seems to be my curse after drinking. No real hangovers as of yet but this is not much better. I did fine yesterday though I did let myself sleep an extra hour but this morning when the alarm went off at 6.30 a.m., I was very tempted to ignore it and call in sick which is something I never do. What stopped me from going through with that plan is that I have a mini-break of my own coming up and thus do not really have the days to spare! Stay tuned to my blog for details...

At 11:07 PM, Blogger RichardKS said...

wait... I tell you that you are in the finals of Hottest Blogger and then you book a flight to London... that's a little creepy. Want to marry me so you can get EU citizenship and I can work in the U.S without stupid expensive visas?

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Irma Vep said...

SVM: How is Laura B? I haven't kept in touch with her, but we were pretty close at A.S. I did see Will at your Oscar party though. Why did they go to Seattle? Do they like it there? What is she doing? Is she still making art? I would have loved to have been with you guys. I miss Anna too. So: Secret Susan about your mini-break, eh? OK. I'll stay tuned to the bloggy.

Hellman: Are you in London? Your blog profile says "Your mom: United States," some other stuff, but not London. Yes, marriage with an E.Uer would be brilliant! Let's discuss!

At 5:46 AM, Blogger RichardKS said...

Yeah, being sarcastic with "United States Minor Outlying Islands thing"... i.e. U.K. Okay, bring a nice dress and perhaps call ahead for flowers, and I'll book the registry and find some witnesses. Homeless people okay with you? And we'll need to discuss children. I'm thinking one of each, Nelly and Gilbert.


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