Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Here's the Tampon Ceiling!

Uncool: Carravaggio exhibition starts the day after I leave London town.
Cool: I'm going to London town.

Uncool: Had to go see a doctor yesterday.
Cool: They had Italian Vogue in the waiting room, and the nurse told me I had "such nice make-up!"

Uncool: Had to have an exam and sonogram which poured "cocktail money down the gurgler," as London galpals Shani and Kate would say.
Cool: Don't have breast cancer.

Uncool: I feel guilty about my insatiable gusto for goose liver. I am encouraging goose-torture with my consumer dollars.
Cool: I am in the premier country for eating goose liver. (Had it today with cranberries at Cafe Kor and a beautiful glass of Cabernet-- was the very picture of decadence.) Their goose liver is so succulent and tender, so light, a goose-liver cloud. It's an entirely different thing from the dense, sickly pates I've had in the past.

Later addendum: I have been thinking and doing a little reading, and I have decided that I can't eat goose liver anymore. Please don't send me any PETA links or anything like that.

Uncool: Got turned away at the Italian Institute of Culture tonight when I went to go see the film Il Gattopardo, or The Leopard, a film based on the classic novel set in Sicily during the Risorgimento-- apparently the screening room was already full.
Cool: Called the Italian Institute of Culture and had a lovely conversation in italiano with a gentleman who promised me I could borrow the DVD from them. So nice to speak a foreign language that doesn't make me feel like a complete ass.

Uncool: I have bruised a couple ribs and the pain is excruciating, so much so that I can't do yoga.
Cool: I don't know,...that they're not broken?

Uncool: Haven't packed yet for London.
Cool: I've got a knack for packing. It's my talent. Some folks can sing. Some can dance. I can pack. Remember when Mary Poppins pulled out a flat's worth of contents from her carpet bag? Instead of Victorian lampshades, I typically pack shoes and clothes, but Jane and Michael would still be impressed.

Uncool: No one guessed at my favorite Mary Poppins scene.
Cool: It's the scene where they visit Uncle Albert who is stuck at the top of the ceiling due to the levity of his laughter. I loved this when I was little. I love it now. It makes me very, very happy, that scene.

Uncool: I never really know where to go in this town to buy greeting cards. I'm quite picky about my cards-- I like letter-pressed ones or I at least like them to be beautiful and original.
Cool: Any Hungarian-language card I buy is sort of fun for non-Hungarians because they can look at it and say, "wow, this language is really weird." Also, it's good fun to make up alternatives for what the card might say, in the vein of Indeterminacy.

So, off to London, then. Will try to keep snogging in the streets to a minimum and appreciation of the built environment to a maximum. (Can't wait to see Norman Foster's gherkin!) (oh dear that wasn't a metaphor for his ween, I meant the controversial Swiss Re building he designed, you sluts.)


At 5:11 AM, Blogger RichardKS said...

So. You don't want to marry me, then *gunshot*

The Carravaggio thing does look cool. I was reading about it the other day. Did you know that he killed a guy in a sword fight and painted some of his darkest works while on the run for murder? And that his path to a Papal pardon was to become a Knight of Malta, in which he succeeded, but he died of a fever on the way to get the pardon? And that he had nothing to do with Klaus Kinski pushing a paddle steamer up the side of a mountain?

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Thank you for that link in your post! Maybe if I ever go back to America I'll get a job writing greeting cards! That would be cool. I'd slip in a sarcastic greeting every now and then while they weren't looking.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger WeirdLoverWilde said...

Hi sweetheart!

My bloggo is up and running - come and visit me if you have the time!


At 1:48 AM, Blogger Irma Vep said...

Damn. I forgot to plan our wedding, Hellman. I DID know that about Caravaggio, actually. I got to spend two months in Roma in 2003/2004 where I read his biography and traced his movements throughout Roma. He was rather irascible, but very talented. I hope to continue my Carravaggio pilgrimage through Napoli and then to Sicily.

But what's this about Klaus Kinski? I don't remember this,..please enlighten me.

Indeterminacy, that is a brilliant idea: A subversive greeting card writer! You could work in the Mawkish Department of Hallmark but slip in little daggers and knives between all that cursive script.

Julia, YOU'RE BACK!!!!! Of course I have the time for you, you cheeky thing.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I think I stole the idea. Recently I've been watching Mork and Mindy (never saw it the first time around). They have a downstairs neighbor who writes greeting cards for a living, and whose always in a depressed and caustic mood. Occasionaly he'll let that spill over into the greeting card poem.

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