Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Buli, Puli

Haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. But I have been feeling very convivial. Last Friday night at Old Amsterdam Pub Anita looked at me across the table and said, "Audra, we are going to dance on the tables later." I thought she might be teasing me as she knows that I am fond of extreme dancing. I will not doubt her again. This girl means business. Not less than an hour later we were dancing on the bar at the Irish Cat Pub, which is not exactly my sort of scene, but any place that is OK with me dancing on the furniture is really OK by me. Anita on the left, lovely Hungarian gal whose name I don't remember on the right, me on top of the bar two minutes after this pic was taken. I have some nasty bruises around my ankles, but I rather regard these bar dancing-induced injuries as badges of honor.

Then Laci came back from Switzerland, and we had Easter dinner together at Zsolti and Anita's. Missed him. Sweet sweet lovely boy. We ended up at Fat Mo's where there was a ______ buli. I am such a bad Hungarian student. The word I'm looking for starts with an "l" and it means pouring cologne water on the girls' heads for Easter. Buli just means "party." I don't understand why they pour cologne water on girls' heads, but there it is, and there I was, engaged in cologne water warfare with plastic squirt guns all evening with my Hungarian sisters. I was completely soaked as some sort of commando demon took over my normally genteel mien. I guess that's the scrappy bitch in me.

Eventually everyone dispersed again except for Laci and me. Again we ended up at Extra. Why do they put up with us? We act like such turkeys. At one point, I was struck by the crystalline quality of sugar cubes, and I gathered an entire bowl and placed sugar cubes all over the place in what I believed at the time to be an artful arrangement. On paintings, on window sash, on the turntable for godsakes. Sorry Z. We didn't get home until seven in the morning. I don't like so much seeing the sun come up. I get not-altogether-pleasant flashbacks of being an art student. But the next few hours were extremely pleasant,...

Above is one of my neighbors. Isn't she darling? I see her and her brother and sister with their dad at the posta, in the park, about town quite a lot.

And there might be an addition to,...to the flat soon. Someone needs a home. Someone with a cute little brown nose and white curly hair was abandoned and tied up in the woods outside Budapest. Maybe. Maybe. It would be a real mitzvah, but it's also a big responsibility.

And maybe maybe Toscana and then Prague in April,...stay tuned.

It has recently come to my attention that someone whose Budapest restaurant recommendations I have come to rely on actually reads me olde blogge, so I would like to give him a shout out. Szia, E. I wish you sok gomboc of sargadinnye fagylalt.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Vándorló said...

The word was probably one based on the verb 'locsolni', to douse, water or sprinkle something. The person doing this (the man) is the 'locsolo', so you often see people wishing the eligible young women 'sok locsolot' in anticipation of having many admirers call on her on Easter Monday.

You know the tradition, I'm sure, but maybe not the verse the men recite to the women before they are sprayed with perfume:

"Zold erdoben jartam,
kek ibolya lattam,
el akart hervadni,
szabad-e locsolni?"

(you'll have to imagine the diacritics in the right places!)

The direct translation is a bit priapic - like most Christian festivals this one betrays its real origins.

There are some good skits on the original verse at:

At 7:46 PM, Blogger svm said...

you must tell all if the tuscan dreams are realized as i shall be living vicariously through your experiences there. where exactly might you go in toscana? and why?

donna (along with chris depree) is leading a global connections trip to krakow, prague, venice, & florence. why didnt this kind of trip exist when we were here?!?

At 1:13 AM, Blogger RichardKS said...

"Normally genteel"? Ya being ironic in referring to yourself in such language in the same post in which you confess yourself to be a bar-dancer-onner? Honestly: you get hotter every time I drop by here.

At 1:19 AM, Blogger Shadows said...

You look absolutly HOT; wow, no seriously... would love to see more personal pics..wow

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Naomi said...

hello, cool blog.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Irma Vep said...


I am a BAD BLOGGER,..all these lovely comments and I haven't responded...but only because I got cut off from my internet access for a couple days.

Vandorlo: Yes, locsolni! Thank you thank you. It seems that I can't retain things if I don't see them written. But now I will be able to remember it thanks to you. (as it's very difficult to look up "um,..you know,..when the boys pour water on the girls on Easter, and," in my Hungarian dictionary.) I don't know the verse either! But I will learn it. Really I will. Thank you. You are SO kedves!

SVM: I just found out last night: NO TOSCANA. Zsolti HAS to work,..long story. Anyway, of course I could go on my own, but you know I'm not really such a Toscana gal. More interested in Veneto and I would LOVE to explore the south,..but any Italy is ORGASMIC Italy. And I had worked myself up about getting to speak Italian for a few days,..Allora,..

Yes, Donna told me about the trip. Fantasztikus. What if I happened to appear in Krakow at the same time they were there? Do you think I would be able to see Donna?

Hellman! I AM genteel! Well, ok I'm a jumble of paradoxes but so is everyone. Getting hotter?! I think it must be this new eye wrinkle cream I've been using,..

Shadows: That's NOT me on the bar! But you are very kind to compliment the lovely Hungarian gals who are on the bar. They are HOT as you say.

Naomi: Thank you and thank you for reading. I like your profile pic!

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