Thursday, March 17, 2005

*Juggling* à la Compagnie Non Nova

Last night I wanted my Hungarian friends to experience Budapest à la Audra. So I brought them to the Trafó, of course, my favorite venue in all the world, a place where I go at least once a week, an electric (literally and figuratively) place I have mentioned often at B & tR, either directly or obliquely.

Last night at the Trafó: Compagnie Non Nova from France presented a juggling act of sorts. "Zapptime" featured sketch-like pieces in which Philippe Ménard and Franck Tenot juggle small white balls, plastic floaty things, and colorful rubbish bags. The stage is set with video and film projections of their own performance and of TV talking heads. Two stern, dark-suited personages lurk and patrol the stage. "Zapptime" should be read as a poem, and not as a novel. It evokes, it does not tell a traditional narrative. The juggling could suggest all the sundry juggling we do in our own lives: the juggling of media influences, the juggling of personal and professional life, the juggling of relationships, the juggling of work and play, the juggling of art and life. The suited men could be a variety of different inhibiting mechanisms. I interpreted them as embodiments of disaproval. Censors of play and frivolity. At one point, one of the performers rushes onto the stage in a long-haired wig, sunglasses, and a hula-hoop. He gyrates, grinning broadly, and then a few moments later one of the suited men roughly escorts him off the stage.

After the performance, Ménard thanked the audience warmly, and said that he would have a shower, and then have a beer with everyone. (Cute! Cute!) One of my friends was very hungry, so I did not get to share a beer with him, but I did get to tell him, "merci beaucoup," before we left, something that's become a bit of a rule with me, grateful as I am to the hard work that goes into all the beauty that I consume.


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